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Don't waste another frustrating day
fumbling around blindly on your fretboard!
  • If you've already learned your scales but still don't understand how they are used to play music and solos on the guitar . . .

  • Or if you only know some of the five different pentatonic and seven different diatonic scale patterns which cover the fretboard in any key . . .

  • Or if you don't know anything at all about scales but want to learn . . .

    Logical Lead Guitar is absolutely the most user-friendly course you'll find anywhere!
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What is the Logical Lead Guitar Course?

Logical Lead Guitar Course

  • Two DVDs with nearly four hours of close-up instruction.
  • One-hour audio CD packed with sample solos and jam tracks.
  • 11 course books totaling 563 pages (!!!) of expert and easy to follow instruction.
  • Nearly 500 examples (almost all demonstrated on the DVD) in sheet music and tablature – plus dozens of neck diagrams.
  • Completely essential teachings on the 12 basic patterns you must know to become a pro-level player.

So much more it takes hundreds of pages to tell it all – You'll learn A LOT!

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